Date Reviewed: 13 April 2012
Bottle size: 500ml
Alcohol content: 7.3%
Price: $9.00 (NZ dollars)

Wow. You can taste every last bit of the 7.3% alcohol. Luckily that alcohol is accompanied by lots of malt sweetness. The name of the brewery and the beer suggest that the hops might be more obvious (8 Wired Brewing have declared this beer to be the first IPA brewed using 100% unique New Zealand hops). And while there is a big hop presence, we detected a whole range of flavours: grapefruit, almonds and cardamom being just a few. If you’re not used to drinking strong beer, this might be a bit much for your palate. It’s definitely not a ‘session’ beer, but much more suited to sipping and contemplation. A full bodied, multi-faceted and very enjoyable beer.

DAN SAYS: Like sitting at your Dad’s big oak desk smoking a cigar.

STEVO SAYS: If this beer was a classic car it would be a Sunbeam Alpine.