Date Reviewed: 7 November 2013
Bottle size: 500ml
Alcohol content: 8.8%
Price: $12 (NZ dollars)

As Buddy Bradley once said “Oh boy, oh boy, I’m a happy camper!” Actually, make that three happy campers as we unanimously agreed we could drink this beer till we fell off our chairs. Which wouldn’t take too long given the dual threat of extreme drinkability and super-high alcohol content. Still, if you must drink a double IPA then we couldn’t think of a better one than 8 Wired’s Super Conductor. Check out that comment below from Dan – high praise indeed… My notes are brief this week as I pretty much put my pen down after the first mouthful and just enjoyed this remarkable beer. There was a definite hint of barley wine sweetness to this beer but is was countered by massive fruity hoppiness. As brewer Søren Eriksen says on the label “If you don’t like hops, don’t buy this beer”. The BOTW team say “BUY THIS BEER”.

DAN SAYS: The first sip I had was the best sip of beer I’d ever had.

STEVO SAYS: If this beer was a Lou Reed song it would be ‘Sweet Jane’.