Date Reviewed: 24 May 2012
Bottle size: 330ml
Alcohol content: 6%
Price: $5.90 (NZ dollars)

Check out the colour of that – a solid, dense black. Hmm… looks like a Porter. Take a sip and bang – a burst of fragrant hops. Well, we weren’t expecting that. This really is a unique style of beer. You could almost call it schizophrenic. The brewers, Yeastie Boys, describe it a ‘black IPA’ or possibly a ‘hoppy Porter’. A contradiction in styles? Yes. Does it work and more importantly, does it taste good? Yes on both counts. We got treacle and burnt toffee flavours along with that fresh hoppy hit. The beer was beautifully full and rich in flavour and that extended to the longest finish imaginable. The flavour seemed to intensify after swallowing. We were very impressed with this beer and would happily drink lots more of it if we didn’t have to get up early and go for a ride the next day. Very clever. Very drinkable.

DAN SAYS: That’s good man. Real good.
STEVO SAYS: If this beer was a painter, it would be Ralph Hotere.