Date Reviewed: 15 August 2013
Bottle size: 500ml
Alcohol content: 5.5%
Price: $10 (NZ dollars)

“Don’t buy this beer if you can’t handle the hops” declare Croucher on the label. Described as a Kiwi tribute to the great beers of the American beer revolution, the Patriot is a black ale brewed with American hops – and trust me, it’s a hoppyhoppyhoppy beer. The nose was wild – floral, grapefruit aromas and pungent hops. Checking my notes I see I’ve written “Fried Chicken!” Not sure who said that but I’m guessing they thought this beer would be a good match for fried chicken – not that it tastes like fried chicken. One thing we all liked was the bags of flavour Croucher have managed to pack into the Patriot. It’s a really good example of what NZ craft breweries do so well – a mega hoppy, in-your-face, here-I-am style of beer. It was an interesting contrast to say, the BSS Gavroche we tasted last week. If that beer was Serge Gainsbourg, the Patriot is Iggy Pop. Good stuff and probably the perfect beer to drink somewhere noisy. And now… here are this week’s un-PC comments:

DAN SAYS: If Stevie Wonder drank this beer he wouldn’t be able to tell it’s black.

STEVO SAYS: If this beer was my 3 favourite black things it would be liquorice and Halle Berry’s boobs.