Date Reviewed: 19 July 2013
Bottle size: 500ml
Alcohol content: 8.5%
Price: $10 (NZ dollars)

We’re back on board at BOTW after last weekend’s very first BOTW road trip. Dan, Stevo and myself sampled some mighty good beer at three of Wellington’s best craft beer bars: Hashigo Zake, Little Beer Quarter and Golding’s Free Dive. Much as I love Auckland, Wellington certainly delivers the goods when it comes to beer drinkin’ establishments. Anyhow – onto this week’s tasting. Drinking a beer is usually pretty straightforward. There’s you, and there’s the beer. You’re in charge. The beer is there to be quietly imbibed and will hopefully give you pleasure. Apart from the ‘pleasure’ bit, this is not the case with Epic’s Hop Zombie, a limited release double IPA. Drinking Hop Zombie is more like having an arm wrestle. Epic have crammed more hops into the bottle than physics would say is possible. The aroma/flavour leaps out of the glass and smacks your taste buds into submission. We found the best method of coping was to attempt to remain calm and just go with it. There was some serious alcohol heat there but nothing that the second mouthful couldn’t make you forget. Yes, there were a ton of hops but also an abundance of zingy, fruity, malty sensations to stimulate your palate. Insane but lots of fun. And who wins the arm wrestle? Buy some and find out for yourself.


STEVO SAYS: I’m not big on the horror movie genre but if this beer was such a movie it would be ‘Shaun of the Dead’