Date Reviewed: 14 February 2013
Bottle size: 330ml
Alcohol content: 5.4%
Price: $3.50 (NZ dollars)

Step into the Tardis and join us as we travel back to the beer before the last beer of the week. We actually tasted the Epic Pale Ale prior to tackling the 10% monster from Nøgne. It was also our first BOTW using our new thinner lip / wider mouth tasting glasses. The sun was shining and even Dan was in a good mood – perfect beer drinkin’ conditions. It poured a golden amber in the new glasses. Stevo was literally rendered speechless by the wild hoppy aroma. There’s some nice honey, malty flavours but this is all about the hops. That hop bitterness was just so refreshing we were looking for the next bottle while halfway through the first – always a good sign. This beer is like the baby brother to Tuatara’s APA reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It doesn’t have quite the depth and complexity of flavour of that beer, but boy is it satisfying – and check out the price. Epic have presented an indisputable argument for buying hoppy craft beer rather than Heineweiser. Smiles all round.

DAN SAYS: If I was really rich I would fill a swimming pool with this and swim around in it.
STEVO SAYS: If this beer was an epic adventure it would be negotiating the length of the Zambezi by innertube.