Date Reviewed: 11 April 2013
Bottle size: 330ml
Alcohol content: 5.8%
Price: $4.50 (NZ dollars)

In the absence of Stevo, DJ Burtos, who was also a guest judge for the previous ParrotDog beer we’ve reviewed, joined us again for this tasting. We figure he’s our good luck charm as we’ve never tasted a dud when DJ Burtos is present. So, onto the tasting… Holy Gaz’s sideburns! Is this beer grassy or what? The intense aroma of the BitterBitch instantly reminded me of a big bag of whole dried hops I had my nose in a few weeks ago during a bout of home brewing. Pungent cut grass, wildflower and pine aromas exploded out of the glass. Amazing stuff. We were raving so much about the nose that a couple of non-beer drinkers present at Solo HQ felt compelled to have a sip and see what all the fuss was about. They tasted: Juicyfruit chewing gum, lemon, lime, grapefruit and… urine. With the exception of that last one (and it’s not as bad as it sounds), you can see what sort of flavour profile this beer has. Fantastically refreshing and moreish, DJ Burtos likened it to ‘Epic Pale Ale on steroids’. Dan, meanwhile, was finding it difficult to express his blossoming admiration for ParrotDog beer, but it’s probably best summed up in his comment below.

DAN SAYS: I love ParrotDog.

DJ BURTOS (standing in for Stevo) SAYS: If this beer was a Supergrass song it would be ‘Caught by the Fuzz’.