Date Reviewed: 14 June 2013
Bottle size: 500ml
Alcohol content: 4.5%
Price: $9 (NZ dollars)

We’ve reviewed a couple of Renaissance beers in previous BOTW tastings. It’s interesting seeing how you develop a personality for a brewery after trying a few beers in their range. Yeastie Boys come across as larrikins (something to do with the name?), Tuatara are the quiet achievers, while ParrotDog are the newbie brainy kid who turns up after school holidays and knows lots of stuff no-one else does. So what does that make Renaissance? Probably the popular all-rounder. Dan arrived at Solo HQ with half a bottle of beer in hand and admitted to being TOA*, nevertheless the punchy citrus and resin flavours of the Discovery managed to make an impression. Stevo detected a Jaffa Thins biscuit flavour (you’ll understand what he means if you’re a Kiwi). Overall this was a very refreshing, fruity, distinctive and likeable example of an APA that we would happily drink anytime. Renaissance recommends spicy Thai or Mexican food as a good match for this beer. We agree and reckon it would also be well suited to fish and chips. And at 4.5% alcohol we think it’s the perfect APA session beer.

DAN (*Tiddly on arrival) SAYS: The complexities of this superbly refined APA were lost on me as unfortunately I went to Brothers at 3pm.
STEVO SAYS: If this beer was a pale American it would be Mena Suvari.