What was your most memorable or satisfying ride? (Could be a race/event/touring ride)
I’ve been lucky enough to ride and race all around the world in all sorts of weather up and down all sorts of terrain, but nothing will ever beat the feeling of my first ever club ride. Terrified but ecstatic, doing more miles than I ever thought possible, discovering roads and places I never knew existed and somehow making it home without bringing the whole bunch down I was kindly asked back. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier on a bike than riding home from that bunch. It was either that or my first big skid on my Raleigh Arena. 
What is the nicest road bike you’ve even ridden?
As part of my day job I get to review bikes so get to put lots of new blingy bikes through their paces. It’s hard to point to one bike that would be my favourite, but, in my head I’m forever building ‘the’ bike, the bike built of the best parts ever made assembled on the perfect frame, matched to the perfect wheels. A few of these components have changed over time but some have yet to be bettered despite being decades old. 
What do you do for a day job?
I spend most of my time writing about watching the wheels go round and round. 
My strongest as skill as a cyclist is… 
 …knowing when to stop for coffee and cakes.
When I’m not cycling you can usually find me…
…in the café, or maybe reading, watching or just plain gossiping – mostly about cycling.
Shimano or Campagnolo?
If you need to ask me I’m not going to tell you.