What was your most memorable or satisfying ride?
Biking is my passion, I really enjoy every side of this sport. I simply love biking and I don’t need a competition to be happy on it. With this being said, if I had to choose a specific Cycling Event, I would highlight this year’s PERICO DELGADO’s Cycloturist Ride. This race has a participation of approximately 2500 bikers and it is placed in Madrid and Segovia’s Sierra. The sightseeing is spectacular and the atmosphere is just awesome. Moreover, it is a privilege to share road with great cyclists such as Pello Ruiz Cabestany and Perico Delgado, winner of La Vuelta a España and Le Tour de France, respectively. 

What is the nicest road bike you’ve even ridden?
I truly like to be updated in cycling tendencies, therefore I change my bike often. I also enjoy trying new materials and gadgets and, with no doubt, my current bike is the best one that I have ever had. Perhaps it is not the prettiest, but it is for sure the most comfortable. It is a Synapse Cannondale with Di2 Dura-Ace and disc brakes.

Shimano or Campagnolo?
Certainly SHIMANO and Electronic Shimano.

What do you do for a day job?

On the one hand, I am a Physical Education teacher in High School, where I try to share my passion towards sports to my students. On the other hand, I own a Timing Company with my associate, which allows me to learn and develop different types of sport events: running, swimming and, overall, cycling. I time all kinds of cycling events -from BTT to road- in all levels – amateur and professional-. I would highlight though the following races: La Vuelta Ciclista a España-The Cycling Tour of Spain, El Gran Premio Miguel Indurain-Miguel Indurain’s Great Prize, and Track Cycling World Championships.

Which current and historical pro cyclists do most admire?
My favorite cyclist ever is Miguel Indurain. When I was younger, I really enjoyed his way of racing and his victories in big cycling events such as Le Tour de France or Il Giro d’Italia. I truly believe he is one of the biggest cyclists of all times. Also, I would like to mention Laurent Jalabert as one of the other cyclists who I admire.

My strongest as skill as a cyclist is…
certainly sprinting, where most comfortable I find myself with.

When I’m not cycling you can usually find me…
resting or cooking. I love to invest my free time watching TV series, and cooking is, surely, one of my other great passions.