What was your most memorable or satisfying ride?
Hard to say. I actually enjoy each and every ride. Since I was a boy I loved to explore the world around me and the bicycle gave me the mobility and freedom to do so. For me the bicycle was always was much more than a conveyance, it is the perfect means of travel and exploration, be it on or off the road. Sometimes I ride alone to come to terms with myself, sometimes I ride for pure pleasure, sometimes I torture myself. Those who don’t share my passion find it hard to understand what it fuels it. They call me a conqueror of the useless. Be that as it may, I am always a better and happier person when I climb off the bike! If I had to point out one specific ride it would probably be the climb of Mont Ventoux because it combines so many facets of what I love about cycling.

What is the nicest road bike you’ve even ridden?
At first glance this would be my current bike, a Wilier Cento Uno Superleggera, an obscenely light and expensive Italian cycling marvel. But on second thoughts it is my first ‘real’ bicycle, a rather cheap, 10 speed, 26-inch, silver road bike from a small manufacturer west of Vienna, called RWC (which stands for Radwerke St. Christophen – long since gone out of business). It was a present from my parents for my 10th birthday and sparked my love for cycling. Whenever I mount a bike I become that boy again, excited to venture out on all those unexplored roads and paths. 

What do you do for a day job?
I am a radiologist, specializing in breast cancer and pediatric radiology. My hospital is at the other end of town and whenever possible I commute there by bike through the Vienna Woods, either on beautiful winding roads or on forest trails. Funny side note: ‘Rad’ means bicycle in German, hence as radiologist I am a cycling expert by profession :-)

Which current and historical pro cyclists do most admire?
Of the current pro riders I like Fabian Cancellara most because of his integrity and the way he combines Swiss precision and Italian passion. My admiration goes out to ultra cyclists like Christoph Strasser or Severin Zotter (both Austrian RAAM winners) for their superhuman feat to cross the American continent (3,000 miles!) in less than 8 days with barely any sleep at an average speed of almost 16 mph.  Of the historical riders it is Gino Bartali whom I respect most. Not only was he one of the greatest champion road cyclists of all times, but also during World War II he collaborated with the Italian Resistance and helped save many Jews from certain death in Nazi concentration camps.

My strongest as skill as a cyclist is…
My strongest skills are climbing and endurance. Once I have set myself a target I can become incredibly stubborn, sometimes to find myself at a point way beyond of where I thought I could have possibly gone.  

When I’m not cycling you can usually find me..
in the mountains. My other great passion beside cycling is mountaineering in all its variations. If I would have to choose between bicycle and skis it would be a very hard choice…

Shimano or Campagnolo?
Campa. What else?