Find a Solo Stockist

A town with a local bike shop is generally a better town than one without. They’re a place for cyclists to meet, rides to depart from and return to and often nowadays, a place to grab a pre or post-ride espresso. The best of them act as a physical focal point for the cycling community – which is something that an online megastore is never going to be. In short: we like bike shops! We believe that the advice and guidance the independent bike dealer can offer is invaluable. Plus it’s also nice to see, touch and try on the clothing! So we’ve made a decision not to sell our goods through online-only channels of sale.

We decided to reclaim control over where our clothing is sold by taken over distribution ourselves in certain countries. To that end we’ve made a commitment to support bricks and mortar bike shops. So we encourage you to visit one of our stockists – they’ve been especially selected by us for their expertise and good looks! Obviously your local bike shop may not stock Solo clothing; in which case we generally have our full range available for purchase on this website and a small clearance section with odd sizes and discontinued products. Have you got a local bike shop that you want to see Solo in? Or do you have a bike shop and would like to stock Solo? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

      Stockist Spotlight.A collection of some of our favourite Solo retailers from around the globe.

      Mt Eden Cycles

      What makes your shop unique?  I think our biggest claim to fame is our very large and diverse riding community.  We have put a huge and consistent focus on riding with our customers and this has paid big time in terms of customer sticking with us.  We do 3 morning road rides (rain or shine) and heaps of other things like training camps. movie nights, MTB get aways, womans specific events and heaps more!
      What’s your favourite local ride? I guess my local road favourite is the Butter Chicken ride thru the foothills of Waitaks.  Its really handy, quiet and beautiful – and plenty of ups and downs!
      Describe a typical day at your shop. MEC is real busy. Every day is simply about making sure custys are served in a professional and friendly manner.
      What is the most satisfying thing about being in the cycle industry? Making new friends and hanging out with good people.  Cyclists by and large are very good people.
      Give us a brief history of your shop. We’re now 10 years old.  Started as an AvantiPlus store.  Six years ago we converted to a Specialized Concept store. We have been lucky enough to be a 50/50 road/MTB store hence we are able to keep busy.
      How would you sell cycling to someone who has never ridden a bike? Riding ticks a lot of boxes.  You can get fit, Meet good people, get an adrenalin buzz and relax with mates.
      A cycling accessory I can’t do without is… My Co2 pump.  Cannot imagine hand pumping a puncture fix ever again.
      Do you have a cycling hero? Current fav is Pater Sagan – he’s so cool and world champ.  Also really like Tony Martin as he’s the ultimate team man and so strong.
      What’s playing on the shop sound system? We change it a lot but always run ad free. Seems to be a lot of old school just of late.
      If I could only have one bike it would be… Specialized S-Works road bike


      Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op

      What makes your shop unique? Our staff. Zero bad attitudes, maximum enthusiasm for cycling. Excellent humans all.
      What’s your favourite local ride? We are spoilt for choice here in Yorkshire. Leeds is a compact city so you can be out of it in minutes on the bike and its pretty much impossible not to find long winding descents and challenging climbs through endlessly beautiful landscapes here. River valleys, moors, coastal roads, we have it all. Don’t be jealous though just come for a ride. My personal favourite in the area isn’t long or hard but heads out of the city north east though nearby towns of Ilkley and Otley on tree lined country roads to Bolton Abbey with ample opportunity for swimming in rivers and ice cream stops in summer. Good work Yorkshire.
      Describe a typical day at your shop. Open, clean, learn, share, advise, ride, repair, size, organise, eat, talk, listen, build, close, ride, sleep. Not necessarily in that order.
      What is the most satisfying thing about being in the cycle industry? Remember that feeling of getting a new bike as a kid and the freedom it brought with it? The go anywhere, do anything joy? I love seeing that in the faces of adults coming back from test rides or arriving to pick up their new bike.
      Give us a brief history of your shop. The Cooperative was formed up in Edinburgh in 1977 but it took until 2006 for our store to open in Leeds. Since then its pretty much just been selling bikes and high fiving customers ever since.
      How would you sell cycling to someone who has never ridden a bike? Fitness, self reliance, adventure and freedom can all be yours from the saddle of your bike. Start today.
      A cycling accessory I can’t do without is… Good lights. I love night road riding and the hallucinatory tunnel vision feeling that comes from diving down a tunnel of light listening to the local wildlife in the middle of the night so a good set of lights is critical. And now autumn seems to be getting started properly a good set of arm warmers too. Other than that, I like to focus on the riding not the accessorising.
      Do you have a cycling hero? No gods, No masters, No heroes.
      What’s playing on the shop sound system? This is impossible to answer! There’s so much great music to listen too and never enough time.That said “Sun coming down” by Ought on Constellation Records is a daily favourite at the moment. Wry, precise, insightful and propulsive Canadian post-punk.
      If I could only have one bike it would be… Whatever bike i’m currently riding.

      Vélo Esprit

      What makes your shop unique?  Our focus is first and foremost on our customers. We are passionate about creasing a friendly, comfortable environment for our customers whilst providing the best possible service and quality products. Our staff are not only trained bike technicians but have also received customer service training.
      What’s your favourite local ride? This is an easy question to answer. Living in Warwickshire it’s easy to get out to the quiet country roads and my favourite ride is to the Purity Brewery in Great Alne. The 70km round route is a great for a morning or afternoon ride and is full of interesting scenery including the Edstone aquaduct. If you time it right, there’s the added bonus of a pint direct from the brewery.
      What is the most satisfying thing about being in the cycle industry? The most satisfying thing is helping people new to cycling to get into the sport. It’s great when they pop back into the shop to tell us about their latest rides and routes and even better when you see them encouraging others to get out on their bikes.
      Give us a brief history of your shop. We are relatively new to the cycle industry having only opened in March. It’s been over 10 years since there has been a bike shop Warwick so our arrival has been well received. We know we have to be flexible and adapt as the business grows, but our aim will always be to focus on high quality products and whenever possible we prefer to stock those only available through independent dealers.
      A cycling accessory I can’t do without is… My GPS as I’ve ridden with one for the last 10 years.