We’ve just received these cool photos from Solo fan David Beckwith of Perth, Australia, who explains a bit more about Team Bear below. Just looking at his photos makes me realise what cycling is all about – enjoying the ride in the company of great mates. Thanks for the photos and story David – to help complete the team look, complementary twin packs of Solo luxury socks and some other goodies are on their way to you.

We are a small group of rank amateurs but love our riding. After a bit of deliberation about a ‘team’ jersey, choosing one of the Solo range was pretty easy and we all got ‘BEARED’ up. We do a group ride on a Sunday, usually around the river in Perth, but there are some variations on that, depends on levels of fitness, wind etc. Usually a couple of us get together at various times during the week for a ride as well. We can usually manage to coordinate our jerseys on those days as well, a St Neith day or Velux day etc. Suffice to say, our other halves find the synchronising of clothing very amusing… Today was a 55km lap finishing at Kava in Bicton, our usual brew place. One of the crew is still recovering from a bout of pneumonia and found the going a bit tough at times. Didn’t stop him from leading out the Mounts Bay sprint at 50+ though!