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Solo Ambassador – Georg Pfarl, Austria

What was your most memorable or satisfying ride?Hard to say. I actually enjoy each and every ride. Since I was a boy I loved to explore the world around me and the bicycle gave me the mobility and freedom to do so. For me the bicycle was always was much more than a... read more >>

Lana in Geneva

Lana Atchley of San Diego, California sent us this great photo of herself taken during a recent trip to Switzerland: Having fun riding along Lake Geneva, I stopped for a quick picture and realized Solo should see how great the St Neith jersey looks in front of this... read more >>

Nøgne ‘Ø #500 Imperial Pale Ale’

Date Reviewed: 14 February 2013 Bottle size: 500ml Alcohol content: 10% Price: $16.20 (NZ dollars) Step right up and taste the 10% ABV beer. Yes, it’s that time of the year again as we reflect on the passing of Marco Pantani and at the same time celebrate... read more >>

Solo Ambassador – Russell Jones, New Zealand

What was your most memorable or satisfying ride? (Could be a race/event/touring ride)I’ve been lucky enough to ride and race all around the world in all sorts of weather up and down all sorts of terrain, but nothing will ever beat the feeling of my first ever club... read more >>

Croucher ‘Patriot American Black Ale’

Date Reviewed: 15 August 2013 Bottle size: 500ml Alcohol content: 5.5% Price: $10 (NZ dollars) “Don’t buy this beer if you can’t handle the hops” declare Croucher on the label. Described as a Kiwi tribute to the great beers of the American beer... read more >>

Mauritius – Solo cycling in Paradise

You’ve seen the video, now here’s the story. Georg Pfarl from Austria sent us this fantastic story about his cycling trip to Maritius: Panting and sweating I jump off the bike and lay down in the grass. The sun has reached its zenith and is burning... read more >>

Solo Ambassador – Diego Alcácer, Spain

What was your most memorable or satisfying ride?Biking is my passion, I really enjoy every side of this sport. I simply love biking and I don’t need a competition to be happy on it. With this being said, if I had to choose a specific Cycling Event, I would... read more >>

Team Bear Ride Out

We’ve just received these cool photos from Solo fan David Beckwith of Perth, Australia, who explains a bit more about Team Bear below. Just looking at his photos makes me realise what cycling is all about – enjoying the ride in the company of great mates.... read more >>

8 Wired Brewing Co. ‘Hopwired IPA’

Date Reviewed: 13 April 2012 Bottle size: 500ml Alcohol content: 7.3% Price: $9.00 (NZ dollars) Wow. You can taste every last bit of the 7.3% alcohol. Luckily that alcohol is accompanied by lots of malt sweetness. The name of the brewery and the beer suggest that the... read more >>

BrewDog ‘Hardcore IPA’

Date Reviewed: 10 October 2013 Bottle size: 330ml Alcohol content: 9.2% Price: $8 (NZ dollars) Solo’s UK distributor suggested we obtain some product from Scottish brand BrewDog for BOTW. And now, thanks to the good people at Wine Direct, we have. Looking at the... read more >>

ParrotDog ‘BitterBitch IPA’

Date Reviewed: 11 April 2013 Bottle size: 330ml Alcohol content: 5.8% Price: $4.50 (NZ dollars) In the absence of Stevo, DJ Burtos, who was also a guest judge for the previous ParrotDog beer we’ve reviewed, joined us again for this tasting. We figure he’s... read more >>

Race of 6 Friends

Solo were title sponsor for a ‘Gentlemen’s Race’ recently. The full title being the ‘Solo race-bred cyclewear Race of 6 Friends’. Whew… The race was run over 130km and consisted of a 6 person team time trial. The course included sections... read more >>

Tuatara ‘Aotearoa Pale Ale’

Date Reviewed: 24 January 2013 Bottle size: 500ml Alcohol content: 5.8% Price: $8 (NZ dollars) Forget the All Blacks. Don’t go and see the Hobbit. Proudly New Zealand in origin from the name of the brewery (Tuatara: a lizard native to New Zealand) to the name of... read more >>

Last Man Standing

24 hours Solo (a humdrum thing done by one person unaccompanied day and night for a period of time equal to twenty-four hours) I had anticipated the weekend of June 23rd – 24th for weeks as I had a starting slot at the Sella Ronda, a legendary mountain bike race... read more >>

Epic ‘Pale Ale’

Date Reviewed: 14 February 2013 Bottle size: 330ml Alcohol content: 5.4% Price: $3.50 (NZ dollars) Step into the Tardis and join us as we travel back to the beer before the last beer of the week. We actually tasted the Epic Pale Ale prior to tackling the 10% monster... read more >>

A Passion for Pashley

We’re all of us passionate about our bikes. Here’s a story from Nick Moore that puts that feeling into words oh so eloquently. Maybe I’m just contrary. Or mad. Or both. But in an age when the cycling world is obsessed with making things lighter,... read more >>

Yeastie Boys ‘Pot Kettle Black’

Date Reviewed: 24 May 2012 Bottle size: 330ml Alcohol content: 6% Price: $5.90 (NZ dollars) Check out the colour of that – a solid, dense black. Hmm… looks like a Porter. Take a sip and bang – a burst of fragrant hops. Well, we weren’t... read more >>

Rund um Köln

The Rund um Koln (Around Cologne) is a 205km spring classic traditionally held on Easter Monday. It winds its way from Reichshof-Wehnrath to Koln (Cologne) up steep climbs and over treacherous cobbles. These pictures are of Sven Bruchhaus in the 60km Rund um Koln... read more >>

Epic ‘Hop Zombie Double IPA’

Date Reviewed: 19 July 2013 Bottle size: 500ml Alcohol content: 8.5% Price: $10 (NZ dollars) We’re back on board at BOTW after last weekend’s very first BOTW road trip. Dan, Stevo and myself sampled some mighty good beer at three of Wellington’s best... read more >>

8 Wired ‘Super Conductor Double IPA’

Date Reviewed: 7 November 2013 Bottle size: 500ml Alcohol content: 8.8% Price: $12 (NZ dollars) As Buddy Bradley once said “Oh boy, oh boy, I’m a happy camper!” Actually, make that three happy campers as we unanimously agreed we could drink this beer... read more >>

Renaissance ‘Discovery American Pale Ale’

Date Reviewed: 14 June 2013 Bottle size: 500ml Alcohol content: 4.5% Price: $9 (NZ dollars) We’ve reviewed a couple of Renaissance beers in previous BOTW tastings. It’s interesting seeing how you develop a personality for a brewery after trying a few beers... read more >>